Subatomic Penetration

A Koala reflecting on his sins, his triumphs, and the inevitability of death.


bro i love sports and women. i got to like 8th base with this hot babe “8th base whats that” she took me to the house she grew up in and showed me pictures of her dead relatives. We sat in the living room and she told me the stories of her life that lead to that moment. Like quicksand they, and that moment were gone and we left back into the cold world which we’d been spat into. It was raining



whats better than this

guys being dudes


Nation’s Huggers Announce Plans For You To Get Over Here
All Cops Are Bronies
Kanye West - Can't Tell Me Nothing
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Can’t Tell Me Nothing - Kanye West

Deftones - Change (House of Flies)
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I’ve watched you change
Into a fly
I looked away
You were on fire
I watched a change
In you
It’s like you never
Had wings
Now you feel
So Alive

Literally number one sex song.


APC x LOUIS W Jacket


APC x LOUIS W Jacket